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How To Solve Excel problems with best SAS utility

The point is how to import excel file into SAS...

Reading an Excel file into SAS: Suppose that you have an Excel spreadsheet called auto.xlsx. The data for this spreadsheet are shown below.

AMC Concord 22 2930 4099
AMC Pacer 17 3350 4749
AMC Spirit 22 2640 3799
Buick Century 20 3250 4816
Buick Electra 15 4080 7827

Using the Import Wizard is an easy way to import data into SAS. The Import Wizardcan be found on the drop down file menu. Although the Import Wizard is easy it can be time consuming if used repeatedly.
The very last screen of the Import Wizard gives you the option to save the statements SAS uses to import the data so that they can be used again.The following is an example that uses common options and also shows that the file was imported correctly.PROC IMPORT OUT= WORK.auto1 DATAFILE= "C:\auto.xl" DBMS=xlsx REPLACE

The out= option in the proc import tells SAS what the name should be for the newly-creat…

10 Excel topics for an excellent data career

The below listed topics help you get solid footing in Excel Analytics. Just practice these 10 topics step by step and by completing all, you will be an expert in Excel.
Tables in Excel Grabbing data from external sources Cleaning data with functions Working with Pivot tables Writing Formulae for Pivot tables Pivot Charts How to use data base functions How to use statistics Inferential Statistics Descriptive statisticsAlso Read: 5 Tips why macros need in Excel

Best Article on IOT how implemented in Auto insurance

IoT in the connected car is transforming how insurance premiums can be calculated. With the help of a small wireless device that plugs into the diagnostic port, Metromile offers a “per-mile” usage-based insurance. Often, low-mileage drivers overpay for insurance because they’re subsidizing those who drive the most. But since the the number one risk indicator for drivers is time on the road, Metromile can offer insurance pro-rata by tracking the miles driven.

According to wiki: Usage-based insurance (UBI) -also known as pay as you drive (PAYD) and pay how you drive (PHYD) and mile-based auto insuranceis a type of vehicle insurance whereby the costs are dependent upon type of vehicle used, measured against time, distance, behavior and place. This differs from traditional insurance, which attempts to differentiate and reward "safe" drivers, giving them lower premiums and/or a no-claims bonus. However, conventional differentiation is a reflection of history rather than present …

The IoT in Healthcare and IT skills you need

IoT and multimedia technologies have made their entrance in the healthcare field thanks to ambient-assisted living and telemedicine. Smart devices, mobile Internet, and Cloud services contribute to the continuous and systematic innovation of Healthcare and enable cost effective, efficient, timely, and high-quality ubiquitous medical services.

Pervasive healthcare applications generate a vast amount of sensor data that have to be managed properly for further analysis and processing.

The adoption of Cloud in this scenario leads to the abstraction of technical details, eliminating the need for expertise in, or control over, the technology infrastructure, and it represents a promising solution for managing healthcare sensor data efficiently.

It further makes mobile devices suited for health information delivery, access and communication, also on the go, enhancing medical data security, availability, and redundancy.
Moreover, it enables the execution (in the Cloud) of secure multimedia-bas…

Quick Guide: Machine Learning Examples and Uses

Because of new computing technologies, machine learning today is not like machine learning of the past. While many machine learning algorithms have been around for a long time, the ability to automatically apply complex mathematical calculations to big data – over and over, faster and faster – is a recent development. Here are a few widely publicized examples of machine learning applications that you may be familiar with: The heavily hyped, self-driving Google car? The essence of machine learning.Online recommendation offers like those from Amazon and Netflix? Machine learning applications for everyday life.Knowing what customers are saying about you on Twitter? Machine learning combined with linguistic rule creation.Fraud detection? One of the more obvious, important uses in our world today.Best example:  "pattern recognition" is best example for Machine Learning
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Where can you apply machine learning
The following are the key areas you can a…

High value IT Skills to get top jobs in e-commerce

Technology and digital marketing-related skills are in huge demand as e-commerce companies have got big-ticket investments.

Domestic consumption of technology, especially in mobile telephony, is on the rise.
The traditional IT services sector is likely to see a spurt in hiring as demand revives in Europe, along with expected economic turnaround at home. According to Teamlease, this category will provide opportunities to a wide range of people: beginning with IT infrastructure managersmobile developers on IOS, Android and Windowslanguages like Python, Ruby on Rails, HTML, and CSS IT securitycloud computing professionals.Experience developing applications using technologies such as Java, Node.js, HTML5, JavaScript, SpringBoot, Tomcat, and Selenium.