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Linux Relative Vs. Absolute Path Top Differences

Here's the  difference between the relative and absolute paths  in Linux. Many a time, the programmer needs to trade in these paths. Here're simple ideas on how you can differentiate. 1. Linux: Absolute Path $ cd  /usr/lib $ cd  /usr/lib pwd See this path ( linux#1/usr/lib ), when you give PWD, it gives a full path from the root level. This is called absolute or full path. Think of the absolute pathname as being the complete mailing address for a package that the postal service will deliver to your next-door neighbor. 2. Linux: Relative Path $ cd  usr $ /user  cd lib $ /usr/lib  pwd $ linux#1/usr/lib    ==> Going step by step and achieving. $ linux#1/usr/lib  cd ../../   ==> This is the method of going back step by step. $ linux#1  ==> This is root level directory You are currently in the  lib  directory. So relative path nothing but complete information of all the mother directories. Here, for lib , the usr  is the mother directory. In simple terms, it is a step-by-st