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How to Use the ps Command in Linux

The real use of the ps command is to know the process details. In fact, along with process details, you would know many other parameters about the process. How many processes are running in a current Session you will get from the below examples. ps command Linux ps Command in Linux PID (Process Id) - It is the process identification number. TTY(Terminal name) - associated with this process TIME(Time) - the format is hh: mm: ss (Hours, Minutes, and Seconds). Cumulated time of that particular process. CMD (Executable Command name) I will show you an example, which is very basic, how it appears when you issue the  ps command. ps command You May Also Like: PS Command Options in Linux What is Slave/Master Terminal in Linux The pts/0 is the slave terminal. The  pts  means pseudo terminal slave. Raise your knowledge by bringing in these quick definitions.  LINUX - DIFFERENCE BETWEEN TTY AND PTS. In reality, the terminals are two types. One is ptmx (Master) and pts (Slave). The master termi