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Python Directory Which Package to Import

I T IS Easy to create a directory in Python if you know the package you need to import. Packages play a vital role in Python. Create and manipulate directories is simplified in Python with the 'OS' package. Python Commands Python Directories You can create and delete directories in Python. These are the best commands you can use quickly in your projects. 1. How to Create a Directory Import os  os.mkdir('datafiles') 2. How to Change Directory os.chdir('newdirectory') 3. How to Create a Directory and then Create a file in it import os  os.mkdir('datafiles/newfiles');  os.chdir('datafiles/newfiles');  fp=open('input.txt', 'w')  fp.write('Hello, Welcome to Programming in Python')  fp.close() 4. How to Know Present Working Directory os.getcwd() 5. How to delete the directory os.rmdir('directoryname') 6. How to get the List of Directories os.listdir() Keep Reading You May Also Like:   55 Best Gift Ideas