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10 Tricky Interview Questions On Storm

Storm is real time computation system. It is a flagship software from Apache foundation. Has the capability to process in stream data. Storm is capable to integrate traditional databases. The list given below are tricky and highly useful for your next interview.
Bench mark for Storm is a million tuples processed per second per node. Tricky Interview Questions1) Real uses of Storm?

A) You can use in realtime analytics, online machine learning, continuous computation, distributed RPC, ETL

2) What are different availble layers on Storm?
FluxSQLStreams APITrident3)  Real use of SQL API on top of Storm?
A) You can run SQL queries on stream data
4) Most popular integrations to Storm? HDFSCassandraJDBCHIVEHBase 5) What are different possible Containers integration with Storm? YARNDOCKERMESOS6) What is Local Mode?

A) Running topologies in Local server we can say as Local Mode.

7) Where all the Events Stored in Storm?
A) Event Logger mechanism saves all events

8) What are Serializable data types in …
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Blockchain Smart contract behind mechanism you need to learn quickly

Smart contract in Blockchain is a kind of software application that works without human intervention based on the transaction logs and provide solution to user request. I want to share the back end mechanism in Smart Contract of Blockchain. Smart Contract Mechanism What is Smart ContractA smart contract is a protocol which can auto execute, facilitate, verify or enforce the negotiation of a contract.Agreement between two parties you can say as a contract.Incorporating the rules of physical contract into computing world, you can say as smart contractBlockchain supports you to create smart contracts.Smart Contracts are self-executing programs which run on the blockchain and are capable of enforcing rulesUsing Blockchain as platform and making an agreement or contract between more than two parties, you can say as Smart Contract.Traditional Markets  4 Top Benefits of Smart ContractCurrently smart contracts are being used only in Crypto CurrenciesNow Smart Contracts being used in all financ…

Python Matrix Vs COBOL Arrays You Need to Know Logic Differences

Your most looking information where Python matrix and COBOL arrays differ, in this post I am giving complete information. The Logic is different in both the languages. The way of definition and accessing element in array or matrix is different.
Python Matrix Vs COBOL Array. In reality both Array and Matrix are the sameWhat are Arrays Arrays are storing data structure to store data in one or more dimensional form. You can access the data for further processing in your application program.
One Dimensional Array In general, one dimensional array is a row of elements either numeric or Strings separated by commas. Here, each element is separated by comma. This is key concept.

>>> a = ['Srini',25,33,42]Two Dimensional Arrays In the case of Two dimensional array data stored in Tabular form and you can access whichever tuple you want.

Real use of multi dimensional array is to give input in Tabular form and can access particular tuple as you want.

>>> b = [['Srini&#…

10 complex UX interview questions to read now really nice to get job

I am giving here 10 interview questions on UX design also called User Experience design. Really useful to prepare before going to interview. The list is nice to read.
What are complex interview questions. In my understanding complex means many people confuse to tell correct answers.
If you are a good UI or UX designer, then these are the questions and answers asked and useful to your next interview. You will get awesome response from your interviewer and chances are better to get job.
Quiz questions most of the times help you get quick refresh of your subject.

1# Complex interview Questions
1) What is UX and what to ensure?
A). Good UX can ensure that customers use and actually enjoy the experiences you design. If you've ever used a website, software application, or product interface that confused you, you've probably experienced a design process that did not leverage UX best practices. In addition, UX can be a key component in establishing customer loyalty and goodwill.

2) What…

Two example Python Modules to use in your project

In Python writing script is a main task across all the data analytics project. This post tells you how to create sample macros and importing into your python interpreter and process or steps to execute it.

A module is created as a script file, which contains function definitions that can be called in two ways:
From the interpreter  From another script file or from another function How to import What is process. You can just save the below script as fact.fy

In interpreter...
>>> import fact
# This program illustrates the designing/creation of a module def factorial(n): "This module computes factorial" f=1; for i in range (1, n+1): f=f*i; print(f) return
What is reloading the script The Python interpreter imports a module only once in a session. If some modifications are performed in the module script then it must be reloaded (imported) again in the interpreter for further us…

10 top Blockchain real features useful to financial projects

Blockchain is basically a shared ledger and it has many special features. Why you need it. Business transactions take place every second of every day — orders, payments, account tracking and much more. Often, each participant has his or her own ledger — and, thus, a version of the truth that may differ from other participants.

You can avoid fraud...

These multiple ledgers can be a recipe for error, fraud and inefficiency. But because members on a blockchain share a common view of the truth, it’s now possible to see all details of a transaction end-to-end, reducing those vulnerabilities.

Ordinary ledger Vs Shared Ledger
Each participant has his own, separate ledger — increasing the possibility of human error or fraud. Reliance on intermediaries for validation creates inefficiencies. Can become a paper-laden process, resulting in frequent delays and potential losses for all stakeholders.

Complexity you can avoid
Single, shared, tamper-evident ledger — once recorded, transactions cannot b…

Python user defined functions real examples you need

In Python, user defined functions real use is you can use in scripts You can avoid repeated work.These are very different from C/C++/JAVA. I will give you syntax and example for your quick reference and how to start learning quickly.
Python Syntax for User defined function(UDF)def function_name(list of parameters): "docstring" statement(s) return(parameter)   Explanation of each key word  The keyword def symbolizes the start of the function header. A function name to uniquely identify it. Function naming follows the similar rules that are used for writing identifiers
List of parameters also called as list of arguments through which value is passed to the function. The list of parameters is optional. A colon(:) to mark the end of function header. Optional documentation string (docstring) is used to describe purpose of the function, which is slightly similar to python documentation using comment. Python statements that perform the intended task for which the u…