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Ubuntu VI editor Commands to learn today

I have given VI editor commands to use in Ubuntu operating system. You can practice using them for your benefit and you can complete your work quickly.

To begin changing or adding to text with vi, you can enter Insert or Replace modes, as shown in the following list. When you enter Insert or Replace mode, the characters you type will appear in the text document (as opposed to being interpreted as commands).
Ubuntu Vi editor commands Press the Esc key to exit to Normal mode after you are done inserting or replacing text.
List of VI Editor Commands.. i—Typed text appears before current character.

a—Typed text appears after current character.

o—Open a new line below current line to begin typing.

s—Erase current character and replace with new text.

c?—Replace ? with l, w, $, or c to change the current letter, word, end of line, or line.

r—Replace current character with the next one you type.

Shift+i—Typed text appears at the beginning of current line.

Shift+a—Typed text appears at the end…
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Data science Secrets Simple Project Useful for Practice

I want to share with you how to use Python for your Data science or analytics Projects. Many programmers struggle to learn Data science because they do not know where to start. You can get hands on if you start with a mini project.

I have used Ubuntu Operating System for this project Skills You Must Need to become a Data Scientist You need dual skills - Learning and Apply knowledge. In Data science you need to learn and apply your knowledge. After study engineering, any person getsB Tech or M Tech Degree. You can become a real engineer if you apply engineering principles. So Data science also the same.

Data Visualization in Python is my simple project Importance of Data Data is the precious resource in resolving Machine Learning and Data Science Problems. Define first what is your problem. Collect Data Wrangle  the Data and Clean it.Visualize the PatternsIn olden days you might be studied a subject called Statistical Analysis. In this subject, you need to study the actual problem an…

Top Solidity Interview Questions for Sure Success

Solidity is the prime language to write logic for smart contracts in Ethereum blockchain. These are selected interview questions refresh before you take any interview.

Interview Questions on Solidity1. What is Solidity?

A) Solidity is the main language that you can use to write programs in Blockchain, such as smart contracts.

2. Where the Solidity programs run in Ethereum?

A). Those will run in EVM. You can also call it as Ethereum virtual Machine.

3. What kind of logic a Smart Contract can contain?

A contract in the sense of Solidity is a collection of code (its functions) and data (itsstate) that resides at a specific address on the Ethereum blockchain

4). Can the source code of smart contract accessible to the outside world? 

A). No, it is not possible to access source code to the network. Also, there is a limited access to one smart contract logic to the other smart contract logic. Eve, file system and other processes cannot access the source code.

Actually the code is sand boxed an…

8 Popular Encryption methods real Usage

Encryption works as it replaces original data with some special characters and stores the data. You need a private key to decrypt the data. Else it is not possible to understand encrypted data even for hackers.

Private keys are two types. Sender uses one private key and receiver uses one other private key.
I have given in this post about 8 encryption methods.

Flow Diagram Encryption
 Different Encryption Methods Classic CipherRandom Key GenerationRSA TokenHash FunctionsMac value - Message Authentication codeKey HashTLS ProtocolAuthenticated Cipher  1. Classic Cipher The best example is this kind of algorithm was used in world war -II communication machines. 2. Random Key Generations One kind of security. They use an algorithm that sends random numbers. People use that number as a password.
3. RSA Token Every 60 seconds a token is generated. Mostly people use for financial applications. An extra identity mechanism along with user id and password. 4. Hash Functions It assigns a hash va…

Python for Loop Print rows using List concept

For loop is crucial for your python programming. Out of all the For Loop options, the list option is so popular. If you know, how to use this concept, you can write any number of programs quickly and with less effort.

Using for loop you can get index for list items. You can print list elements using for loop.

If you take any language, the loops play a vital role.

The use of For Loop When you want to deal with data of multiple values, you need loops. So, For Loop is so famous because, you can control multiple input values.

Syntax For Loop for i in my_list: print(i)
The 'i' says variable that represents value in the 'my_list'. The for helps to iterate the list values one by one.
Example Program For Loop List in Python my_list=[2,3,4] for i in my_list: print(i)
Result 2 3 4 How to create Multiplication Table using Python with For Loop and List option Result of function that gener…

Block storage vs object storage real differences

Interesting questions, I am giving on the two different types of storage popular in Amazon aws. Those are Block and Object.
Object vs Block Storage in AWS Why these names are different. You need to understand storage available in AWS. You alreday know that AWS is leading provider in cloud computing.
Object StorageObject means it is a single object. You are not dividing here.In the context of AWS, object storage helps your file to store as -is. How big it is does not matter.Suppose, your file size is 10MB, it stores as 10 MB file.What happens when you update a 30MB file, simply, it deletes old object and create a brand new object.Even, for small change, you need to update whole file. So, it utlilizes lot of resources. Object storage is much better for big file and very few changes.The object storage is well managed by AWS .AWS has full control over Object storage.Block StorageBlock storage divides your file into blocksYou have selected a block size as 512 bytes, then you want to upload…

AWS EC2 Real Story on Elastic Cloud Computing

The short name for Amazon Elastic Computing Cloud is EC2. You can keep this point as an interview question. The computing capacity has an elastic property. Based on your requirement you can increase or decrease computing power. I am giving in this AWS EC2 real story for your quick reference.
You need to be very attentive when you enable Auto scaling feature. It is a responsibility on Admins. Amazon AWS EC2Making your existing hardware to the requirement, always is not so easy. So the EC2 feature in AWS helps you to allocate computing power according to your needs. AWS EC2 instance acts as your physical server.It has memory.You can increase the instance size in terms of CPU, Memory, Storage and GPU.EC2 auto scaling is a property, where it automatically increase your computing power. List of Top Security Features in EC2  1#. Virtual Private CloudThe responsibility of Virtual Private Cloud, is to safeguard each instance separately. That means, you cannot access others instance, which is al…

Calculate Circle Area the Logic You Need to write in Python

In Python, you can calculate circle area easily by using function. The purpose of Python is to use in data analysis.

You need this logic in many areas. You can use in your present finance projects or new ones.

Benefits of function you can re-use the same code number of times Area of Circle=pi*r*r Area of Circle Steps Given - You Can do Using Two Methods, Explained Both Methods I have given steps to calculate area of circle using two different methods. First I followed by creating an user defined function. Next directly I ran  the formula in interpreter.

Method-1 Steps I have followed to Calculate Area Using FunctionLogged into Cent Os (Linux) Create .py module Import .py module into Python Execute .py module  1. Log in I have first logged into CentOS. You can see there '$'.

2. Creating .py module To create .py module. You can use vi editor command.

You need 'import decimal' to get Decimal values. Else you will get only integer.

I have given pwd comman…