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4 Top Python Oops Concepts Simplify Your Coding

Oops concepts in Python explained in this post. Python supports Encapsulation, Inheritance, Abstraction, Polymorphism and Dynamic binding. These simplify your coding effort. I have given examples on Python Oops ( Object oriented) concepts. Python Oops  (Object oriented) Concepts Encapsulation Data hiding and abstraction Inheritance Polymorphism (overloading/overriding) The fifth Python special property is Dynamic binding. You May Also Like: 12 Frequently Asked Questions on Python #1 Python Oops Encapsulation Wrapping of data and functions in a single unit is called Encapsulation. #2 Python Oops Data Hiding and abstraction User program refers to methods from an object is called abstraction. Keeping all the methods under one object called data hiding. #3 Python Oops Inheritance Inhering properties means, referring property of an object of a class from an Object of the other Class. #4 Python Oops Polymorphism Poly means many. The definition of one function can use for man