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How to Check Column Nulls and Replace: Pandas

Here is a post that shows how to count Nulls and replace them with the value you want in the Pandas Dataframe. We have explained the process in two steps - Counting and Replacing the Null values. Count null values (column-wise) in Pandas ## count null values column-wise null_counts = df.isnull(). sum() print(null_counts) ``` Output: ``` Column1    1 Column2    1 Column3    5 dtype: int64 ``` In the above code, we first create a sample Pandas DataFrame `df` with some null values. Then, we use the `isnull()` function to create a DataFrame of the same shape as `df`, where each element is a boolean value indicating whether that element is null or not. Finally, we use the `sum()` function to count the number of null values in each column of the resulting DataFrame. The output shows the count of null values column-wise. to count null values column-wise: ``` df.isnull().sum() ``` ##Code snippet to count null values row-wise: ``` df.isnull().sum(axis=1) ``` In the above code, `df` is the Panda

How to Write Complex Python Script: Explained Each Step

 Creating a complex Python script is challenging, but I can provide you with a simplified example of a script that simulates a basic bank account system. In a real-world application, this would be much more elaborate, but here's a concise version. Python Complex Script Here is an example of a Python script that explains each step: class BankAccount:     def __init__(self, account_holder, initial_balance=0):         self.account_holder = account_holder         self.balance = initial_balance     def deposit(self, amount):         if amount > 0:             self.balance += amount             print(f"Deposited ${amount}. New balance: ${self.balance}")         else:             print("Invalid deposit amount.")     def withdraw(self, amount):         if 0 < amount <= self.balance:             self.balance -= amount             print(f"Withdrew ${amount}. New balance: ${self.balance}")         else:             print("Invalid withdrawal amount o