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SQL Interview Success: Unlocking the Top 5 Frequently Asked Queries

 Here are the five top commonly asked SQL queries in the interviews. These you can expect in Data Analyst, or, Data Engineer interviews. Top SQL Queries for Interviews 01. Joins The commonly asked question pertains to providing two tables, determining the number of rows that will return on various join types, and the resultant. Table1 -------- id ---- 1 1 2 3 Table2 -------- id ---- 1 3 1 NULL Output ------- Inner join --------------- 5 rows will return The result will be: =============== 1  1 1   1 1   1 1    1 3    3 02. Substring and Concat Here, we need to write an SQL query to make the upper case of the first letter and the small case of the remaining letter. Table1 ------ ename ===== raJu venKat kRIshna Solution: ========== SELECT CONCAT(UPPER(SUBSTRING(name, 1, 1)), LOWER(SUBSTRING(name, 2))) AS capitalized_name FROM Table1; 03. Case statement SQL Query ========= SELECT Code1, Code2,      CASE         WHEN Code1 = 'A' AND Code2 = 'AA' THEN "A" | "A

8 Popular Encryption Methods Real Usage

The process of replacing original data with special-characters is called an Encryption. A highly secured server handles the encryption and Decryption. You need a private key to decrypt the data. Else, you cannot decrypt the data. Private keys are two types. The sender uses one private key and the receiver uses one other private key. I have given in this post about 8 encryption methods. Flow Diagram of Encryption image courtesy by   Different Encryption Methods Classic Cipher Random Key Generation RSA Token Hash Functions Mac value - Message Authentication code Key Hash TLS Protocol Authenticated Cipher  1. Classic Cipher. The best example is this kind of algorithm was used in world war -II communication machines. 2. Random Key Generations. One kind of security. They use an algorithm that sends random numbers. People use that number as a password.  3. RSA Token. Every 30 seconds a token is generated. Mostly people use for financial ap