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4 Top Blockchain Disadvantages Includes Privacy

Blockchain has far many advantages in terms of finance-related projects. At the same time, it has disadvantages too. Below is the list of the top four disadvantages. 4 Top Blockchain Disadvantages Lack of privacy Loss of personal responsibility Loss of jobs Reintermediation 1: Lack of Privacy Public blockchains do not hide any of their data. Instead, everyone can read the complete history of transactions. This level of transparency is frightening for those who want to protect their privacy.  These concerns are understandable when considering the level at which personal data are already collected and utilized by large corporations or intelligence agencies.  2: Loss of Responsibility Loss of personal responsibility is often considered a consequence of disintermediation. Intermediaries not only bring different parties of a contract together but may also provide guarantees. They offer reconciliation in cases when transactions do not work out as intended, and they are also obliged to take