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Python Easy Method to Remove Duplicates in LIST

Here's you can remove duplicates in the List using the SET method. It's a simple method. Just you need SET and Print to remove duplicates. The removing duplicates concept useful when you work in Data science projects. How to Remove Duplicates in List A list is a collection of elements. The elements can be duplicates or non-duplicates. Our today's task is to remove duplicate elements that present in the List. 3 Steps to Remove Duplicates Create a List Use SET Print the result 1. Create a List With Duplicate Objects in it my_list = ['The', 'unanimous', 'Declaration', 'of', 'the', 'thirteen','united', 'States', 'of', 'America,', 'When', 'in', 'the', 'Course', 'of', 'human'] 2. Use Set Method Over the List: Below is the Sample Code >>> non_dupes = set(my_list) 3. Use Print Method to display the Final List >>> print(non_dupes) Here,