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Cloud Computing Vs Virtualization Real Differences

Servicing of computing resources you can say as Cloud computing. They charge for some amount each service used by an user. On the other hand, making multiple machines virtually by using same hardware is called virtualization. Sell all the real differences. Public Vs Private Vs Hybrid Cloud Public Cloud:  Available to the public is called the PUBLIC cloud.  Private Cloud : Available to the particular Business/Company is called PRIVATE Cloud.  Hybrid Cloud: Combination of Public and Private Clouds. Cloud Services Related: How Industries will Change due to Cloud Computin g Cloud Services Cloud services (remote data and computation) are exposed as simple and user-friendly web services. For example, Microsoft's ADO.NET (originally called Astoria) provides the tools to expose any data object from a collection, stored in a database or other form, as a URI to an encoded form using a standard such as JSON or ATOM representation Google's AppEngine provides a way