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9 Top Git Terminology You need

Here're top terminology popular in Git version control system. These are useful why means interviewer surely surface these questions. So if you can respond to these, interviewer will acknowledge that you have enough subject knowledge. Git Vs GitHub This is the first question you ( even me also) might confuse. Git is version control system. Whereas GitHub is repository frame-work . Also you can say GitHub is Git hosting service. What is Branch Git is light-weight version control system. In simple terms, a Branch is a separate line of development. You can have any number of branches in the Git. What is Topic Each branch in the Git refers to a particular purpose. So topic tells about the purpose. Clone In easy terms, the Clone means copying a existing repository. So you can say it is just a copy of existing repository. What is Push You can say Push means updating the existing repository. In other words, developers push their changes to a repository that you setup. Merge Merge unifies

13 Cloud Computing Terminology Quick Read

Cloud computing is a big ocean. Due to increased services, a developer must know the glossary ( keywords) involved. 1) AWS Amazon Web services 2) Content delivery network (CDN) It is a distributed system. Servers are located in remote locations. Customers feel that they are accessing the servers. 3) Cloud A global network to access the resources. 4) Cloud portability The feature to move data from one Cloud provider to another provider. 5)  Cloudsourcing Moving traditional IT operations to Cloud computing. 6) Cloud storage It is a service providing to users to store data using the internet or other private networks. 7) Cloudware It is Software that helps to run user applications in cloud computing. Terminology 8) Cluster A group of small computers connected together to form a Single big computer. High availability and load balancing are the main benefits. 9) Consumer cloud The cloud provider offers services to individual users. You can call it a consumer cloud. 10) Consumption-bas