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Python Matrix Vs COBOL Arrays Top Differences

Your most looking information where Python matrix and COBOL arrays differ, in this post, I am giving complete information. The Logic is different in both the languages. The way of definition and accessing element in an array or matrix is different. Python Matrix Vs COBOL Array. In reality both Array and Matrix are the same What are Arrays  Arrays are storing data structure to store data in one or more dimensional form. You can access the data for further processing in your application program. One Dimensional Array  In general, one dimensional array is a row of elements either numeric or Strings separated by commas. Here, each element is separated by comma. This is key concept. >>> a = ['Srini',25,33,42] Two Dimensional Arrays  In the case of Two dimensional array data stored in Tabular form and you can access whichever tuple you want. Real use of multi dimensional array is to give input in Tabular form and can access particular tuple as you want. >>>