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5 Super SEO Blogger Tools

I have explained super free blogger SEO tools that every blogger needs. These tools simplify your effort to write SEO -friendly blog posts. These five free blogger SEO tools make your blog post wonders in google search. And, indexing of your post also faster. ... Blogger Tool #1: Headline Analyzer The best tool is the EMV Headline Analyzer . When you enter the headline, it analyzes and gives you EMV ranking. When you get '50' or above to that, it appears quickly in Google search. Blogger Tool #2: Headline Length Checker The usual headline length is 50 to 60 characters. Beyond that, the headline will get truncated and looks ugly for search engine users.  The SERP Snippet Optimization  Tool useful to know how it appears in the search results. Blogger Tool #3: Free Submission to Search Engines The tool  Ping-O-Matic  is a free submission tool. After your blog post, you can submit your feed to Ping-O-Matic. It does submit to search engines freely. Blogger Tool #4: Spell and Gra