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Python Syntax Errors Cheat Sheet

In Python, if you know syntax rules, you can eliminate errors. The mistakes programmers do are missing semicolons, adding extra commas, and extra spaces. Further Python is case sensitive. So using the wrong identifier gives an error. Python Syntax Rules List Indentation is unique to Python. You cannot find strict indentation in any other programming language. You need to focus on the three areas while writing a Python program. To avoid errors you need to learn indentation rules. Indentation or Syntax Errors Exceptions Handling Exceptions 1: Indentation If you do not follow the proper order, you will get an error. The details of one block shroud follow in one vertical line. The sub-block should be inside of that. In if loop, the IF, ELIF, and ELSE should have the same indentation. Not only, but the statement inside of them should also have the same indentation. Best Examples Understand these examples a good material on indentation for you. 2: Exceptions Python raises an exceptio