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Python Regex: The 5 Exclusive Examples

 Regular expressions (regex) are powerful tools for pattern matching and text manipulation in Python. Here are five Python regex examples with explanations: 01 Matching a Simple Pattern import re text = "Hello, World!" pattern = r"Hello" result =, text) if result:     print("Pattern found:", Output: Output: Pattern found: Hello This example searches for the pattern "Hello" in the text and prints it when found. 02 Matching Multiple Patterns import re text = "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog." patterns = [r"fox", r"dog"] for pattern in patterns:     if, text):         print(f"Pattern '{pattern}' found.") Output: Pattern 'fox' found. Pattern 'dog' found. It searches for both "fox" and "dog" patterns in the text and prints when they are found. 03 Matching Any Digit   import re text = "The price of the

Data Science Real Advantages to Read Today

Real business solution you can get from data science analysis. Your sales is the main requirement. No sales means no business. Data Analytics helps to boost your organization sales. Real Advantages of Data Science My presentation here gives you complete business picture of data analytics , and skills companies expecting from analytics team. Data analytics -The data can be from web, user devices, own databases and Social media AI -Delivering products based on artificial intelligence Big data -Data of any format and you need to make ready for analysis. You can understand patterns of people You can explore current market You can explore solutions to Agriculture You can show answers to weather Predicting the disaster like earth-quake  Data Analytics what else you can read Data Analytics from Srinimf | Tech.Jobs. Biz.Success Also Read Uses of Data Analytics from HBR