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8 Ways to Optimize AWS Glue Jobs in a Nutshell

  Improving the performance of AWS Glue jobs involves several strategies that target different aspects of the ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) process. Here are some key practices. 1. Optimize Job Scripts Partitioning : Ensure your data is properly partitioned. Partitioning divides your data into manageable chunks, allowing parallel processing and reducing the amount of data scanned. Filtering : Apply pushdown predicates to filter data early in the ETL process, reducing the amount of data processed downstream. Compression : Use compressed file formats (e.g., Parquet, ORC) for your data sources and sinks. These formats not only reduce storage costs but also improve I/O performance. Optimize Transformations : Minimize the number of transformations and actions in your script. Combine transformations where possible and use DataFrame APIs which are optimized for performance. 2. Use Appropriate Data Formats Parquet and ORC : These columnar formats are efficient for storage and querying, signif

Robotics These Skills You Need

Robotics is a combination of multiple skills. Out of those many skills similar to B.Tech Electronics skill sets. I am sharing for your quick reference the complete skillset. PROGRAMMING Mat lab - Familiarity with command-line and external functions using MATLAB library; import/export of data; graphing/plotting functions & data; rudimentary animation Python, C / C++ familiarity ROS- Robot Operating System (ROS) - Optional (Good to know) Program Constructs- Sequencing, Selection, Iteration & Recursion Data Organization- Arrays, Lists, Pointers COMPUTERS Tools Productivity: SW (MS Office - Excel / Word / PowerPoint / Project) Operating Systems Windows or Apple-OS - use of personal laptop computer Linux or Ubuntu MATHEMATICS Linear Algebra Inversion, Eigenvalues, Null-Space Linear Differential Eq. Matrix-Algebra & -Manipulation Basic Calculus Derivatives, Gradients, Chain Rule Numerical Integration Basic Computational Implementation, e.g. Runge-Kutta 4 Fourier Analysis Newtonia