Robotics the Top Skillset you need

Robotics is a combination of multiple skills. Out of those many skills similar to B.Tech Electronics skill sets. I am sharing for your quick reference the complete skillset.


  1. Mat lab - Familiarity with command-line and external functions using MATLAB library; import/export of data; graphing/plotting functions & data; rudimentary animation
  2. Python, C / C++ familiarity
  3. ROS- Robot Operating System (ROS) - Optional (Good to know)
  4. Program Constructs- Sequencing, Selection, Iteration & Recursion
  5. Data Organization- Arrays, Lists, Pointers


  • Tools Productivity: SW (MS Office - Excel / Word / PowerPoint / Project)
  • Operating Systems
  • Windows or Apple-OS - use of personal laptop computer Linux or Ubuntu


  1. Linear Algebra Inversion, Eigenvalues, Null-Space
  2. Linear Differential Eq. Matrix-Algebra & -Manipulation
  3. Basic Calculus Derivatives, Gradients, Chain Rule
  4. Numerical Integration Basic Computational Implementation, e.g. Runge-Kutta 4
  5. Fourier Analysis

Newtonian Physics

Newton-Euler Mechanics (Forces, torques, mass/inertia, Equations of motion) System State Degrees of Freedom & Constraints to fully describe a system’s behavior mathematically.


Control Systems, Controls Fundamentals (transfer functions; bode plots; stability-margin; time-response of LTI systems; PID compensators).

Basic Electronics

Electronics- Basic experience with practical circuits (elements, interactions, PCBs) Mechanisms- Some design and fabrication experience (Concept -> CAD -> Fabrication) Documentation -Basic skills in document structuring and technical writing.


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