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5 Useful Tableau Features for Data Analytics

Below are the top Tableau features for data analytics.  Tableau 9 for Data Science engineers. 5 Useful Tableau Features for Data Analytics CONNECTING TO LOCAL FILE  Tableau can connect to any local file or database such as Excel  Text File Access  Statistical File, or  Other Database file CONNECTING TO SERVER Tableau can connect to your data server too. It can connect to almost any type of data server. Below are some of the most popular databases that Tableau can connect: Tableau Server Google Analytics Google BigQuery Hortonworks Hadoop Hive MapR Hadoop Hive IBM DB2 IBM BigInsights IBM Netezza Microsoft SQL Server Microsoft Analysis Services Oracle Oracle Essbase MySQL PostgreSQL SAP While working on Tableau, data can have Live Connection where any change in the source data will be automatically updated in Tableau. On the other hand, data can be Extracted to Tableau repository so that any change made here will not affect the original source data.