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Python 'getsizeof' Command the Real Purpose

In Python, there are many objects. Out of those List (arrays) is one type.  To get the number of elements present in a List is not easy. So how to get this? To do you need the 'getsizeof' command. Import 'sys' Library. You need to import the 'sys' library to use the SIZE commands.  >>> import sys Congrats to you since you have now imported the SYS library. The command name is " getsizeof" . Check the below example. print("An Integer:") i = int(100) print(sys.getsizeof(i)) The result will be: 100 What is the size command?  - is to get the size of elements. It gives the result based on the object you are being used. Suppose, if you use Strings, you will get String length. How to use the  'getsizeof' command? Example:1 print("Empty string:") empty_string = "" print(sys.getsizeof(empty_string)) Example:2 print("A normal string") s = "Hello world" print(sys.getsizeof(s)) Example:3 print(&quo