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Machine Learning Tutorial - Part:2

Machine learning is a branch of artificial intelligence. Using computing, you will design systems. These systems to behave with AI features, from your end, you need to train them. This process is called Machine Learning. Read my  part-1 if you miss it. The life cycle of machine learning Acquisition - Collect the data  Prepare - Data Cleaning and Quality  Process- Run Machine Tools  Report- Present the Results Acquire Data You can acquire data from many sources; it might be data that are held by your organization or open data from the Internet. There might be one data set, or there could be ten or more. Cleaning of Data You must come to accept that data will need to be cleaned and checked for quality before any processing can take place. These processes occur during the prepare phase. Running Machine Learning Scripts The processing phase is where the work gets done. The machine learning routines that you have created perform this phase. Reporting Finally, the