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How to Check Column Nulls and Replace: Pandas

Here is a post that shows how to count Nulls and replace them with the value you want in the Pandas Dataframe. We have explained the process in two steps - Counting and Replacing the Null values. Count null values (column-wise) in Pandas ## count null values column-wise null_counts = df.isnull(). sum() print(null_counts) ``` Output: ``` Column1    1 Column2    1 Column3    5 dtype: int64 ``` In the above code, we first create a sample Pandas DataFrame `df` with some null values. Then, we use the `isnull()` function to create a DataFrame of the same shape as `df`, where each element is a boolean value indicating whether that element is null or not. Finally, we use the `sum()` function to count the number of null values in each column of the resulting DataFrame. The output shows the count of null values column-wise. to count null values column-wise: ``` df.isnull().sum() ``` ##Code snippet to count null values row-wise: ``` df.isnull().sum(axis=1) ``` In the above code, `df` is the Panda

How to Delete an Item from a Set in Python: Best Example

Set is a built-in data type in Python. Furthermore, it is an unordered collection without duplicate items. Here are the two methods that explain to delete an item from a Set. Methods to delete an item from a Set discard remove Discrd Vs. Remove discard() will not raise an error if the item to remove does not exist. The remove() will raise an error if the item does not exist. Explanation to discard and remove methods Python program: #Prints all the Set items food = {"pasta", "burger", "hot dog", "pizza"} print(food) # Prints the Set items without pasta food.discard("pasta") print(food) # Prints the Set items without burger and pasta food.remove("burger") print(food) # The next two lines try to remove an item that isn't in the set! food.discard("pasta")  # this will not report an error food.remove("pasta")   # this will report an error The output: {'pasta', 'burger', 'pizza', '