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SQL Interview Success: Unlocking the Top 5 Frequently Asked Queries

 Here are the five top commonly asked SQL queries in the interviews. These you can expect in Data Analyst, or, Data Engineer interviews. Top SQL Queries for Interviews 01. Joins The commonly asked question pertains to providing two tables, determining the number of rows that will return on various join types, and the resultant. Table1 -------- id ---- 1 1 2 3 Table2 -------- id ---- 1 3 1 NULL Output ------- Inner join --------------- 5 rows will return The result will be: =============== 1  1 1   1 1   1 1    1 3    3 02. Substring and Concat Here, we need to write an SQL query to make the upper case of the first letter and the small case of the remaining letter. Table1 ------ ename ===== raJu venKat kRIshna Solution: ========== SELECT CONCAT(UPPER(SUBSTRING(name, 1, 1)), LOWER(SUBSTRING(name, 2))) AS capitalized_name FROM Table1; 03. Case statement SQL Query ========= SELECT Code1, Code2,      CASE         WHEN Code1 = 'A' AND Code2 = 'AA' THEN "A" | "A

The Real Command to Wrap Text in Linux

Here is a command to wrap text in Linux. The wrapping means it prints it in fixed-width column. More importantly, it will not consider spaces between words. The command you need is FOLD.   Fold command in Linux Below, you will find two examples on usage of the FOLD command. These are helpful for your project where you need to write a shell script. Example-1 The following command displays a set of lines with ten characters in each line: x="aa bb cc d e f g h i j kk ll mm nn"  echo $x | fold -10 The output of the preceding code snippet is here: aa bb cc d e f g h i j kk ll m m nn ✏Related: How to Write Recursive Shell Script in Bash Terminal Example-2 As another example, consider the following code snippet: x="The quick brown fox jumps over the fat lazy dog. "  echo $x | fold -10 The output of the preceding code snippet is here: The quick brown fox jumps over the fat l azy dog. ✏References: List of complete ls commands in Linux Keep reading How to Work with Linux