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Top 11 complex PIG Interview Questions to Read Now

1). What is PIG? PIG is a platform for analyzing large data sets that consist of high level language for expressing data analysis programs, coupled with infrastructure for evaluating these programs. PIG’s infrastructure layer consists of a compiler that produces sequence of MapReduce Programs. 2). What is the difference between logical and physical plans? Pig undergoes some steps when a Pig Latin Script is converted into MapReduce jobs. After performing the basic parsing and semantic checking, it produces a logical plan. The logical plan describes the logical operators that have to be executed by Pig during execution. After this, Pig produces a physical plan. The physical plan describes the physical operators that are needed to execute the script. 3). Does ‘ILLUSTRATE’ run MR job? No, illustrate will not pull any MR, it will pull the internal data. On the console, illustrate will not do any job. It just shows output of each stage and not the final output. 4). Is the keyw

13 Must Read Analytics Blogs for all data professionals

Data science and analytics both are in the same group. In the broad sense, we can call it as data science. To update your knowledge, you need to read the below top 13 blogs. Top 13 Blogs on Data Analytics ApplyBigAnalytics - Best blog from India Analytics Talk Business week Business exchange Crazy Egg   Google Analytics SEO Takeways HubSpot KissMetrics MixPanel Occam's Razor Online Behavior Search Engine Watch Web Analytics World