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Python Improved Logic to Calculate Factorial

I am practicing Python programming. In this post, I have explained logic to calculate the factorial using a function. This  function  you can call it a user-defined function. The name of the function is In real-time, you can write a program in a file and run it in python console . The main task of a developer is to create functions for the reusable code. They call these functions whenever they need. Factorial calculation program for supplied input value.   Factorial Logic in Python. I have completed this logic in 3 steps. Write Import Execute it Write  Here you need to define a function. Use 2 for loops, and write your logic. This is done on LInux operating system. You can also try on Linux. After, ESC command Use, :wq to come out of the module. Import Go to Python console, using 'python' command. Use import command. Execute  >>> factorial.fa