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The Growth of Machine Learning till TensorFlow

The Internet and the vast amount of data are inspirations for CEOs of big corporations to start to use Machine learning. It is to provide a better experience to users. How TensorFlow Starts Let us take Amazon, online retail that uses Machine learning. The algorithm's purpose is to generate revenue. Based on user search data, the ML application provides information or insights. The other example is the advertising platform where Google is a leader in this line. Where it shows ads based on the user movements while surfing the web. These are just a few, but there are many in reality. Machine Learning Evolution Top ML Frameworks Torch The torch is the first framework developed in 2002 by Ronan Collobert. Initially, IBM and Facebook have shown much interest. The interface language is Lua. The primary focus is matrix calculations. It is suitable for developing neural networks. Theano It is developed in 2010 by the University of Montreal. It is highly reliable to process graphs (GPU). The