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Apache HIVE Top Features

Apache Hive aids the examination of great datasets kept in Hadoop’s HDFS and harmonious file setups such as the Amazon S3 filesystem. It delivers an SQL-like lingo named when keeping complete aid aimed at map/reduce. To accelerate requests, it delivers guides, containing bitmap guides. By preset, Hive stores metadata in an implanted Apache Derby database, and different client/server databases like MySQL may optionally be applied. Currently, there are 4 file setups maintained in Hive, which are TEXTFILE, SEQUENCE FILE, ORC, and RCFILE. Other attributes of Hive include: Indexing to supply quickening, directory sort containing compacting, and Bitmap directory as of 0.10, further directory kinds are designed. Different depository kinds such as simple written material, RCFile, HBase, ORC, and other ones. Metadata depository in an RDBMS, notably decreasing the time to accomplish verbal examines throughout request implementation. Operating on compressed information kept into the H