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How to Compare Text in Python

Python like other programming languages supports comparison operators. These primarily use to test the condition in the program. Here's a list of operators that you can use in python programs. Comparison operators List of operators < <= > >= == != Is is not How to use comparison operators Here, I have assigned 23 to a and 11 to b. Then, I did apply all the comparison operators. The output is self-explanatory, and If you are in doubt while programming, remember to visit this page. Examples a = 23 b = 11 print("Is a greater than b?", a > b)           #greater than print("Is a less than b?", a < b)              #less than print("Is a greater or equal to b?", a >= b)   #greater or equal print("Is a less or equal to b?", a <= b)      #less or equal print("Is a equal to b (option 1)?", a == b)         #test for equality print("Is a equal to b (option 2)?", a is b)         #test for equality print("I

How to Write Python 'Hello World' Program Quickly and Run it

The first Python program looks like the below.  I have explained the steps you need to write your first program in Python. My first program: You can write your program as module. if authorsFirstName == 'Irv':       teachingPython = True       print 'Pay attention to his wisdom' How to Run Your Python Program python Sample python program if authorsFirstName == 'Irv':      teachingPython = True    print 'Pay attention to his wisdom' The above if condition checks for first name.  In python '==', means equal to. It makes true to teachingPython .  You can start your python program quickly. Really useful for learning and to use it in projects.