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12 DevOps principles read today

DevOps means a concept to bring Development team and operation team together. So that you can speed up the deployment process. Before you start learning the tools you need to understand core principles.
The useful DevOps Principles to know for your project and interviewsTo deliver rapidly without affecting qualityCommunication and Collaboration are the key ideas in DevOps conceptMultiple deploys are possible- if code in Development team automatedOnce you commit the repository, it tests the code automatically against the automated test scriptsIf Build is successfully passed, it installs automatically in Testing environment When infrastructure is automated, it installs automatically to other serversMinor changes takes place in isolation, that means , it creates separate server to deploy minor changesSpeed in Devops, organizations to better serve their customers and compete more effectively in the market.Quality and Security teams are part of DevOpsAutomating the process, much better pro…

Python first program write quickly before you start learning more

First Python Program
# FirstPythonProgram:
The first Python program looks like the below. My first program:

def buildConnectionString(params):
"""Build a connection string from a dictionary of parameters.
Returns string."""
"database":"master", \
return ";".join(["%s=%s" % (k, v) for k, v in params.items()])
if __name__ == "__main__":
myParams = {"server":"mpilgrim", \
"uid":"sa", \
"pwd":"secret" \
print buildConnectionString(myParams)

You can run a Python program from the command line: 

  • python

The output of will look like this:


Sample python program

if authorsFirstName == 'Irv':
    teachingPython = True
    print 'Pay attention to his wisdom'
    respectPoints = respectPoints + 10

The above if condition checks for first name. In python '==', means equal to. making true to teachingPython.

You can start your python program quickly. Really useful for learning and to use in projects.


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Hyperledger Fabric Real Interview Questions Read Today

I am practicing Hyperledger. This is one of the top listed blockchains. This architecture follows R3 Corda specifications. Sharing the interview questions with you that I have prepared for my interview.

Though Ethereum leads in the real-time applications. The latest Hyperledger version is now ready for production applications. It has now become stable for production applications.
The Hyperledger now backed by IBM. But, it is still an open source. These interview questions help you to read quickly. The below set of interview questions help you like a tutorial on Hyperledger fabric. Hyperledger Fabric Interview Questions1). What are Nodes?
In Hyperledger the communication entities are called Nodes.

2). What are the three different types of Nodes?
- Client Node
- Peer Node
- Order Node
The Client node initiates transactions. The peer node commits the transaction. The order node guarantees the delivery.

3). What is Channel?
A channel in Hyperledger is the subnet of the main blockchain. You c…