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9 Top AWS Services a Quick List

In this post, I have explained the top AWS services list . These services are useful to read before your next interview. knowing this list is a must for all cloud-computing engineers. AWS provides various services. This post gives a clear understanding of AWS's top services.  Not only for traditional services, but it also offers services for Mobile IoS and Android Os.  Aws Service catalog  helps organizations to manage their IT services. AWS List of Top AWS Services Quick List These 9 Services of AWS are popular. I have explained each service to understand quickly. EC2 Lambda S3 DynamoDB IAM Amazon Cognito Device Farm Mobile analytics SNS 1. AWS EC2 Instance EC2: Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) provides secure, scalable, on-demand hardware virtualization in the cloud. Using Amazon EC2 eliminates the need to invest in server hardware upfront so that users can focus on, develop, and deploy applications faster.  EC2 instances come in various hardware c

5 Key Services on AWS Cloud computing

Amazon web services offers 5 services on its cloud computing. Top AWS Services Store Files Store Files:  AWS provides highly scalable, reliable, secure, fast storage for your digital files.  Host a Website: AWS provides many ways to host your website in order to suit the needs of large-scale enterprises,startups, and individuals. Database Run a Database: Adds or removes virtual servers to handle peaks and lulls in traffic. Requires CloudWatch.Distributes traffic among multiple virtual servers. Deployment Deploy an Application:   AWS offers application management services that help you build, deploy, and scale applications.You can use an application management service to leverage other AWS services without having to manage each of them separately and manually. Net Work Create a Network: You can create virtual private clouds on AWS. These can be isolated from the Internet, or you can add a public-facing subnet that makes part of your network accessible from the