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Analytics Today: Python Tuple Vs Lists

Tuple Vs. List in Python is the most searchable word. Here, I have shared the differences between these two. Analytics Today: Python Tuple Vs Lists 1. Python List It is simple to create a list in Python.  Comma-separated elements inside a square bracket [] make a list. The list can contain any number of elements of different data types (integer, float, character, etc.)  A list can contain another list. And it is called a nested list List Example #Illustration of creating a list  new_list=[1, 2, 3, 4]  print(new_list)  # Homogeneous data elements  new_list1=[1, "John", 55.5]  print(new_list1)  # Heterogeneous data elements  new_list2=[111, [1, "Clara", 75.5]]  # Nested list  print(new_list2) Output [1, 2, 3, 4] [1, ‘John’, 55.5] [111, [1, ‘Clara’, 75.5]] 2. Python Tuple It is simple to create a tuple in Python.  The elements of a list are enclosed in square brackets []. But these are put in parenthesis (), separated with commas.  A tuple can have any number of elemen

Top Data Science Tools Complete List

Top data science tools and platform providers across the world. Useful information for data science and data analytics developers. 8 Top Data Analytics Tools List. Data Science is a combination of multiple skills. AI and Machine Learning are part of data science. You can create AI and Machine Learning products with data. Related Posts Top Skills You Need for Data Science Career Data Science Sample Project an Example