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5 HBase Vs. RDBMS Top Functional Differences

Here're the differences between RDBMS and HBase. HBase in the Big data context has a lot of benefits over RDBMS. The listed differences below make it understandable why HBASE is popular in Hadoop (or Bigdata) platform.  5 HBase Vs. RDBMS Top Functional Differences Here're the differences unlock now. Random Accessing HBase handles a large amount of data that is store in a distributed manner in the column-oriented format while RDBMS is systematic storage of a database that cannot support a random manner for accessing the database. Database Rules RDBMS strictly follows Codd's 12 rules with fixed schemas and row-oriented manner of database and also follows ACID properties. HBase follows BASE properties and implements complex queries. Secondary indexes, complex inner and outer joins, count, sum, sort, group, and data of page and table can easily be accessible by RDBMS. Storage From small to medium storage application there is the use of RDBMS that provides the solution with MyS

Python to find Repeated List Length

Here's is an answer to calculate the length of the repeated lists. LIST is a principle data type in Python that holds a list of values. Usually strings. You can do various operations with Lists. The best examples are REPEAT, APPEND, INSERT, EXTEND, COUNT. Still more you can do. Note:   This question is from a test recently held by an HR company. HR firms usually ask to take an online test to filter the job-seekers . IN THIS PAGE 1. Question 2. How to Find Length Python to find Repeated List Length The Question Asked Question: The '* n' says how many time you want a list is to be repeated. In this question, they asked to repeat '2' times. my_list = ['srini', 'seetha', 'rao'] b = len(list(list(list(list(list( my_list*2 ))))))  Print (b) So, you need to select the correct answer from multiple-choice questions. Below is the way to calculate it quickly. Explanation: In the first step, the '*' says, you repeated the List two times. It

Python List to find Max, Min Effectively

Without using built-in Max() and Min () you can find Max and Min values in a List. You can achieve this by writing a user-defined function. Here's useful logic and steps to write it quickly. Python List to find Max, Min Effectively IN THIS PAGE Write a Function Execute Function Get the result 1. Logic to Write a Function Below logic, you can use to create a user-defined function. The reserved word "DEF" says you're going to create a function. Built-in functions The max(), min() are two built-in functions, for simplicity, these used here. The other variables you can use as-you-wish. Below variables, you can see in the actual code mentioned in the section just below of this.   def findmaxmin (data): ax = max (data) by = min (data) return (x,y) data = ( 109 , 98 , 88 , 7 ) (maximum, minimum) = findmaxmin (data) print ( "Maximum Marks = " , maximum) print ( "Minimum Marks = " , minimum) 2. Use vim editor to code logic Here as the first s

Python Useful Tuple Vs List Differences

Here're the quick differences between Tuple and List. This list is useful for your projects and interviews.  Tuple Vs. Lists in Python  List Comma-separated elements inside a square bracket [] make a list. The elements are indexed. It starts from '0' These you need to enclose in a single quote and separate by a comma. A list can contain another list, which is called a NESTED list. Use type() function to get the type of data it is. The list is mutable (you can change the data). The objects (elements) can be of different data types. Here're  examples on the List. Tuple The elements comma-separated and enclosed in parenthesis ()  The elements are indexed. It starts from '0' A tuple can have heterogeneous data (integer, float, string, list, etc.) A tuple is immutable. So, you can't change the elements. Use type() function to get the type of data it is.  Here're  examples of Tuple. List Example #Illustration of creating a list  new_list=[1, 2, 3, 4]  print(ne

Top Data Science Tools Complete List

Top data science tools and platform providers across the world. Useful information for data science and data analytics developers. 8 Top Data Analytics Tools List. Data Science is a combination of multiple skills. AI and Machine Learning are part of data science. You can create AI and Machine Learning products with data. Related Posts Top Skills You Need for Data Science Career Data Science Sample Project an Example