Analytics Today: Python Tuple Vs Lists

Tuple Vs. List in Python is the most searchable word. Here, I have shared the differences between these two.

Analytics Today: Python Tuple Vs Lists
Analytics Today: Python Tuple Vs Lists

1. Python List

  1. It is simple to create a list in Python. 
  2. Comma-separated elements inside a square bracket [] make a list.
  3. The list can contain any number of elements of different data types (integer, float, character, etc.) 
  4. A list can contain another list. And it is called a nested list

List Example

#Illustration of creating a list 
new_list=[1, 2, 3, 4] 

# Homogeneous data elements 
new_list1=[1, "John", 55.5] 

# Heterogeneous data elements 
new_list2=[111, [1, "Clara", 75.5]] 
# Nested list 


[1, 2, 3, 4]

[1, ‘John’, 55.5]

[111, [1, ‘Clara’, 75.5]]

2. Python Tuple

  1. It is simple to create a tuple in Python. 
  2. The elements of a list are enclosed in square brackets []. But these are put in parenthesis (), separated with commas. 
  3. A tuple can have any number of elements of heterogeneous type (integer, float, string, list, etc.)

Tuple Example

#Illustration of unpacking a tuple 
 new_tuple2=(111, [1, "Clara", 75.5], (2, "Simon", 80.5)) 

# Nested tuple 
print(new_tuple2) x, y, z=new_tuple2 



[1, ‘Clara’, 75.5]

(2, ‘Simon’, 80.5)


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