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Top Security Features in AWS Elastic Computing (Ec2)

You can call EC2 as Amazon Elastic Computing Cloud is EC2. This is a good interview question. The computing capacity has an elastic property. Based on your requirement you can increase or decrease computing power. I am giving in this AWS EC2 real story for your quick reference. While you enable the Autoscaling feature, you need to know its impacts. Since it is the responsibility of the Administrator. Amazon AWS EC2. Making your existing hardware to the requirement always is not so easy. So the EC2 feature in AWS helps you to allocate computing power according to your needs. AWS EC2 instance acts as your physical server. It has a memory.  You can increase the instance size in terms of CPU, Memory, Storage, and GPU.  EC2 auto scaling is a property, where it automatically increase your computing power.  1. Security Features in EC2  Virtual Private Cloud .  The responsibility of Virtual Private Cloud  is to safeguard each instance separately. That means, you cannot access other i

Security in Hadoop Tutorial for Beginners

Hadoop provides data security. At the beginner level, it is needed to know the areas where it focuses more to provide better secuirty. What is Hadoop Security? We live in a very insecure world. Starting with the key to your home's front door to those all-important virtual keys, your passwords, everything needs to be secured—and well. In the world of Big Data where humongous amounts of data are processed, transformed, and stored, it's all the more important to secure your data. Imagine if your company spent a couple of million dollars installing a Hadoop cluster to gather and analyze your customers' spending habits for a product category using a Big Data solution. Because that solution was not secure, your competitor got access to that data and your sales dropped 20% for that product category. How did the system allow unauthorized access to data? Wasn't there any authentication mechanism in place? Why were there no alerts?  This scenario should make you think abou