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The tricky interview questions on IoT to read now

Image courtesy| Internet of things is a tricky subject. I have given in this post on tricky interview questions asked for IoT Jobs. I have given simple to understand way. Mobile networks already deliver connectivity to a broad range of devices, enabling the development of innovative new services and applications. Why IoT you need This new wave of connectivity is going beyond tablets and laptops; to connected cars and buildings; TVs and game consoles; smart meters and traffic control; with the prospect of intelligently connecting almost anything and anyone. This is what the GSMA refers to as the “Connected Life”. As the Connected Life evolves, the number of mobile connections worldwide is set to rise dramatically to reach 10.5 billion by 2020, while the total number of connected devices across all access technologies could reach 25.6 billion1 .  These devices will bridge the physical and digital worlds, enabling a new category of services that improve the