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Python Program: JSON to CSV Conversion

JavaScript object notion is also called JSON file, it's data you can write to a CSV file. Here's a sample python logic for your ready reference.  You can write a simple python program by importing the JSON, and CSV packages. This is your first step. It is helpful to use all the JSON methods in your python logic. That means the required package is JSON. So far, so good. In the next step, I'll show you how to write a Python program. You'll also find each term explained. What is JSON File JSON is key value pair file. The popular use of JSON file is to transmit data between heterogeneous applications. Python supports JSON file. What is CSV File The CSV is comma separated file. It is popularly used to send and receive data. How to Write JSON file data to a CSV file Here the JSON data that has written to CSV file. It's simple method and you can use for CSV file conversion use. import csv, json json_string = '[{"value1": 1, "value2": 2,"value3

How to Call SQL Query from Python

Python's top supported database is MySQL. You can run SQL queries from Python. Here're best examples of how to connect to MYSQL and access MYSQL tables from Python. Read:  How to Print String in Next Line Easily Here are Steps Import MySQL connecter Give user id, password details Issue SQL query Python Logic to import MySQL connector import mysql.connector Note: If the MySQL connecter not installed in python, you need to install it using the below command. pip3 install mysql-connector-python --allow-external mysql-connector-python Supply user id and Password conn=mysql.connector.connect(user='root', password='password', host='localhost', database='sakila') mycursor=conn.cursor() Issue SQL Query mycursor.execute("show tables") # you won't see any result. You need to give print. print(mycursor.fetchall()) mycursor.execute("select * from customer") # you won't see any result. You need to give print. print(mycursor.fetchal