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Kafka Processing Flow Chart for Dummies

The difference between Stream processing Vs Batch processing and role of Kafka I can tell you using simple example. I have used Mainframe and YouTube for this. In Mainframe, you remember the data processing majority of it is based on Batch processing. That means the whole collected data processed by some scheduled jobs. The streaming data on the other hand is different (YouTube Live). When the data comes into Queue the data will be processed. So, organizations no need to wait until the batch is completed. The organizations will get results Quickly. Stream Data Flow Before You Move on to Kafka *Here are the key points to remember:   If you need to report on or take action immediately as data arrives, stream processing is a good approach. *If you want to Carry detailed analysis-  If you need to perform in-depth analysis or are compiling a large repository of data for later analysis, a stream-processing approach may not be a good fit. The Applications of Stream Data Credit card fraud —A