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Python IF Statements Multiple Conditions Examples

I shared how to write multiple if conditions  (statements) in Python. These are the best examples useful for interviews and projects. Many programmers confuse how to write IF conditions in Python. The below examples act as a handy guide for beginners and experienced. Python IF Statements the Best Examples IF, IF IF 'ELSE' IF 'or' IF 'and' Nested IF IF 'continue' IF 'break' In Python,  the decision making logic you can write with IF condition. You can write multiple IF conditions (Single way decision). At the same time, you can write IF and ELSE conditions (Two-way decision).   Multiple IF conditions the best example. def main():         celsius = float(input("What is the Celsius temperature? "))         fahrenheit = 9/5 * celsius + 32         print("The temperature is", fahrenheit, "degrees Fahrenheit.")  # Print warnings for extreme temps         i f fahrenheit > 90:                print("It's really ho