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8 Popular Encryption methods real Usage

Encryption works as it replaces original data with some special characters and stores the data. You need a private key to decrypt the data. Else it is not possible to understand encrypted data even for hackers.

Private keys are two types. Sender uses one private key and receiver uses one other private key.
I have given in this post about 8 encryption methods.

Flow Diagram Encryption
 Different Encryption Methods Classic CipherRandom Key GenerationRSA TokenHash FunctionsMac value - Message Authentication codeKey HashTLS ProtocolAuthenticated Cipher  1. Classic Cipher The best example is this kind of algorithm was used in world war -II communication machines. 2. Random Key Generations One kind of security. They use an algorithm that sends random numbers. People use that number as a password.
3. RSA Token Every 60 seconds a token is generated. Mostly people use for financial applications. An extra identity mechanism along with user id and password. 4. Hash Functions It assigns a hash va…

Cloud Computing learn quickly top Terminology you need

Cloud computing is a big ocean. Due to increased services, a developer must know handy about all the glossary or keywords involved.

1) AWS
Amazon Web services

2) Content delivery network (CDN)
It is a distributed system. Servers are located in remote locations. Customers feel that they are accessing the servers by.

3) Cloud
A global network to access the resources.

4) Cloud portability
The feature to move data from one Cloud provider to another provider.

Moving traditional IT operations to Cloud computing.

6) Cloud storage
It is a service providing to users to store data using the internet or other private networks.

7) Cloudware
It is a Software that helps to run user applications in cloud computing.

8) Cluster
A group of small computers connected together to form a Single big computer. High availability and load balancing are the main benefits.

9) Consumer cloud
The cloud provider offers service to individual users. You can call it as consumer cloud.

10) Consumption-based pricing mode…

Python top two ideas you need to Compare Strings

In Python, you can compare two strings how you would do on numbers. Python is stricter on string comparison. It identifies any small differences in strings. So Python is case sensitive while comparing it checks for identical ones.
Python follow-suite other languages. It compares strings for exact equals. Else, treat them as different strings.Python String Comparison Extra spacesUppercase or Lowercase#1 Example >>> a = "Virginia" >>> b = "virginia" >>> a == b False 
The strings a and b are looking similar. But there is case sensitive difference. Python checks for extra white spaces as well as Upper or Lowe case letters.
#2 Example>>> greet1 = "Hello " >>> greet2 = "Hello" >>> greet1== greet2 False
The greet1 has space at the end whereas greet2 does not. Python looks at whitespace when comparing strings, so the two aren’t considered equal.