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AWS EC2 Real Story on Elastic Cloud Computing

The short name for Amazon Elastic Computing Cloud is EC2. You can keep this point as an interview question. The computing capacity has an elastic property. Based on your requirement you can increase or decrease computing power.
You need to be very attentive when you enable Auto scaling feature. It is a responsibility on Admins. Amazon AWS EC2Making your existing hardware to the requirement, always is not so easy. So the EC2 feature in AWS helps you to allocate computing power according to your needs. AWS EC2 instance acts as your physical server.It has memory.You can increase the instance size in terms of CPU, Memory, Storage and GPU.EC2 auto scaling is a property, where it automatically increase your computing power. List of Top Security Features in EC2  1#. Virtual Private CloudThe responsibility of Virtual Private Cloud, is to safeguard each instance separately. That means, you cannot access others instance, which is already created by other organization.
2#. Network Access Control L…

12 Top Teradata Blogs

Teradata is popular among data warehouse projects. I have collected good blogs for developers. Here you will get complete list.

The following are 12 top Teradata blogs.
Teradata with learn questTeradata TutorialsTeradata first blogTeradata developer blogTeradata developers recommendationsTeradata tuningTeradata fog blogTeradata Bigdata BlogTeradata blog big solutionsTeradata Applications BlogTeradata UtilitiesTeradata Technology BlogConclusion
Not only reading getting knowledge from these blogs, if you feel these are good you can share to your friends.