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Python Tricky Function to find Max and Min in a List

Here's logic to find Max and Min values in a List. Without using built-in Max() and Min () functions you can find Max and Min values in a List. For that matter, you need to write a user-defined function. This post is all about how to write it and run. Python: Find Max and Min in a List You can achieve this by writing a user-defined function. Here's useful logic and steps to write it precisely. IN THIS PAGE Write a Function Execute Function Get the result Write Function You can write an user-defined function to get MAX and MIN values. In this function, I am using the max(), min() built-in functions. The other variables you can use as you wish. Below is the my actual logic. Sample Code def findmaxmin (data): ax = max (data) by = min (data) return (x,y) data = ( 109 , 98 , 88 , 7 ) (maximum, minimum) = findmaxmin (data) print ( "Maximum Marks = " , maximum) print ( "Minimum Marks = " , minimum) Created a Script Using vim editor Here as the first s