11 May 2014

Job Opportunities in Preparing Algorithms

Many participants in the Analytics seminar expressed opportunity in preparing algorithms for predictive analytics.

Using these algorithms, businesses can make better data-driven decisions by extracting actionable patterns and detailed statistics from large, often cumbersome data sets.

Many business people small to big expecting some kind of algorithms. So that they can save their precious time in predictive analytics.

As per IBM point of view the following are the key points IBM introduce in their tools are:

Transform data into predictive insights to guide front-line decisions and interactions.

Predict what customers want and will do next to increase profitability and retention.
Maximize the productivity of your people, processes and assets.
Detect and prevent threats and fraud before they affect your organization.
Measure the social media impact of your products, services and marketing campaigns.
Perform statistical analysis including regression analysis, cluster analysis and correlation analysis.

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