26 June 2015

Skill set for Software Automation Developer Jobs

Automation Developer Skill Set
[Automation Developer Skills]
According to KPMG: Process automation provides a means to integrate people in a software development organization with the development process and the tools supporting that development. By automating processes, you can boost your efficiency and help ensure standardized handling of repetitive workflow steps. Organization’s benefits are translation projects that can be realized in a shorter time for less money.

The following Skill set needed:

  • Programming Languages (C++/Java/Scala), 
  • OOPs Concepts - MUST
  • Unix/Linux - MUST

  • Automation Development/Scripting Experience - MUST
  • XML/Xpath - Optional
  • Perl/Python/Shell Scripting - Optional
  • SQL/Sybase/Mongo DB - Optional
  • Web Services - SOAP or REST API - Optional
Additional Skills:
Puppet/Chef/CFEngine experience 
Experience with system packaging tools; e.g. RPM 
SQL database programming experience 

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