21 August 2015

5 Top features of Sqoop in the age of Big data

‘Sqoop’ is a command-line user interface program for conveying information amid relational databases and Hadoop.

It aids increasing stacks of a sole table either a gratis shape SQL request as well like preserved appointments that may be run numerous periods to ingress upgrades produced to a database eversince the final ingress.
Imports may as well be applied to inhabit boards in Apache Hive|Hive either HBase. Exports may be applied to put information as of Hadoop in to a relational database.

Sqoop grew to be a top-level Apache Software Foundation|Apache program in March 2012.
Microsoft utilizes a Sqoop-based connector to aid transference information as of Microsoft SQL Server databases to Hadoop.
Couchbase, Inc. As well delivers a Couchbase Server-Hadoop connector by intents of Sqoop.

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