01 August 2016

High value IT Skills to get top jobs in e-commerce

IT Skills for e-comm jobs
IT Skills for e-comm jobs
Technology and digital marketing-related skills are in huge demand as e-commerce companies have got big-ticket investments.

Domestic consumption of technology, especially in mobile telephony, is on the rise.
The traditional IT services sector is likely to see a spurt in hiring as demand revives in Europe, along with expected economic turnaround at home. According to Teamlease, this category will provide opportunities to a wide range of people:
  • beginning with IT infrastructure managers
  • mobile developers on IOS, Android and Windows
  • languages like Python, Ruby on Rails, HTML, and CSS
  •  IT security
  • cloud computing professionals.
  • Experience developing applications using technologies such as Java, Node.js, HTML5, JavaScript, SpringBoot, Tomcat, and Selenium.

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