16 April 2017

How to add DATE function awesome way in SQL

SQL DATE function for all Developers
The SQL DATE function is so powerful. It is being used innovative way in almost all projects. All projects depends in DATE, and without it there is no way of existing of project. The Quick tour helps you use this function effectively in your project. You can learn Oracle SQL step by step for all Developers.

The below is the list of SQL DATE functions

SYSDATE - It returns current local DATE and Time

CURRENT_DATE - Return local DATE and TIME and adjusted to current session Time Zone.

ROUND (DATE) - Rounds to nearest DAY

TRUNC (DATE) - Truncates Time

MONTHS_BETWEEN(date1,date2) - Returns number of months between date1 and date2'

LAST_DAY(DATE)- Returns last of the month

ADD_MONTHS(date,integer_months) - Adds specified number of months to specified date.

NEXT_DAY(date, day_of_week) - Returns to next day of the week that comes after the specified DATE

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