21 February 2015

Skill Set for Robotics! Get Ready for New Jobs

#Robotics in artificial Intelligence career:
#Robotics in artificial Intelligence career:
The following skills are required to enter into Robotic Career.

Matlab - Familiarity with command-line and external functions using MATLAB library; Import/export of data; graphing/plotting functions & data; rudimentary animation

Python- And / or C / C++ familiarity
ROS- Robot Operating System (ROS) - Optional (Good to know)
Program Constructs- Sequencing, Selection, Iteration & Recursion
Data Organization- Arrays, Lists, Pointers

Tools Productivity : SW (MS Office - Excel / Word / PowerPoint / Project)
Operating Systems:
Windows or Apple-OS - use of personal laptop computer Linux or Ubuntu

Linear Algebra Inversion, Eigenvalues, Null-Space
Linear Differential Eq. Matrix-Algebra & -Manipulation
Basic Calculus Derivatives, Gradients, Chain Rule
Numerical Integration Basic Computational Implementation, e.g. Runge-Kutta 4
Fourier Analysis NOT how to calculate the coefficients, but the notion that any complicated fct. can be represented as a composite of simpler ones

Newtonian Physics- Newton-Euler Mechanics (Forces, torques, mass / inertia, Equations of motion)
System State Degrees of Freedom & Constraints to fully describe a system’s behavior mathematically

Control Systems, Controls Fundamentals (transfer functions; bode plots; stability-margin; time-response of LTI systems; PID compensators)

Basic Electronics
Electronics- Basic experience with practical circuits (elements, interactions, PCBs)
Mechanisms- Some design and fabrication experience (Concept -> CAD -> Fabrication)
Documentation -Basic skills in document structuring and technical writing


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