SAP HANA Top new Applications

The SAP HANA analytics from German software vendor SAP AG is betting heavily on a new generation of analytic computing it calls HANA. 

In this post you will know the new features that are added in HANA.

To maintain its position as the world's largest business-application vendor. So, learning HANA is really good and make sure these HANA course contents you need to have in your training.

SAP HANA Applications

HANA, which is already installed at more than 200 customer locations, processes data in real-time by storing it in live memory rather than in a separate data warehouse, enabling customers to make business decisions faster.

>>Liquor distributor Charmer Sunbelt Group finished installing a HANA system , and it says it has helped managers react to logistical problems as they occur. Getting shipments out is essential for Charmer because customers can refuse them if they are late.

>>According to Chief Information Officer Paul Fipps, HANA helps generate a warehouse progress report in between 20 and 40 seconds. Before, he says, a report took three days "and two or three people to put it together." 
>>Competitors are IBM, Oracle, Microsoft and SAS. Read more from SAP.

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