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7 top initial steps you need before you start HR predictive analytics

hr analytics
Top criteria you need before you start analytics in Human Resource department. To start with this you need many approvals or permissions.
    1. "You must comply with the legal requirements in which you operate as it relates to the use of people data,"
    2. Beyond the legal requirements, "The analytical insights should reflect the cultural and social marks of your organization,"
    3. Just because you may be able to do something or can't find a moral imperative for not doing something doesn't mean you should do it. "You have to look at the stakeholders involved and what the cost of what you're doing is relative to the benefit of doing it,"
    4. Use analytics through accountable processes, one of which should be acknowledging that using predictive analytics with the workforce has the potential for negative impact, not just positive impact, Walzer said.
    5. Engage the legal department to make sure you understand any implications before you've done something, not after the fact.
    6. Assess whether the use of analytics involves sensitive areas, which it often will, Walzer said. But, she added, these are often accommodated by using reasonable safeguards.
    7. Know what data you just shouldn't collect. One example, is prescription drug usage of employees. "Many employers have access to it through third-party healthcare providers, but the idea that you're going to bring it in poses a lot of liability to the organization."


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