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8 Top AWS services before you learn read today

AWS provides various services. This post gives clear understanding on AWS top services. Not only for traditional services, it also offer services for Mobile  IoS and Android Os.

Aws Service catalog helps organizations to manage their IT services.
List of Top AWS  ServicesEC2LambdaS3DynamoDBIAMAmazon CognitioDevice FarmMobile analyticsSNS AWS EC2 Instance EC2: Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) provides secure, scalable, on-demand hardware virtualization in the cloud.
Using Amazon EC2 eliminates the need to invest in server hardware up front so that users can focus on, develop, and deploy applications faster. 
EC2 instances come in various hardware configurations and include an operating system.

Lambda Function in AWS AWS Lambda lets users run snippets of code without provisioning an infrastructure. 
This service is billed on a pay-as-you-go model, with users only paying for the execution time of their lambda code. 
There is no charge when code is not running. Lambda code can be set up to…

Cloud Computing popular methods to manage resources (1 of 2)

Managing Cloud resources: Cloud resource management refers to the allocation of cloud resources, such as processor power, memory capacity, and network bandwidth.
resource management in cloud computing

Resource management in Cloud computing

  • The resource management system is the system responsible for allocating the cloud resources to users and applications. 
  • For any resource management system to become successful, it needs to flexibly utilize the available cloud resources whilst maintaining service isolation.

How resource management works

  1. The resource management system is expected to operate under the predefined QoS requirements as set by the customers. 
  2. The resource management at cloud scale requires a rich set of resource management schemes.
  3. The provider should show an option for scalability.


  • The big challenge for cloud service providers is in managing physical and virtual resources according to user-resources demands. 
  • It is in a way that rapidly and dynamically provides resources to applications. 
  • The big challenge for cloud service providers is in managing physical and virtual resources according to user-resources demands. 
  • Resource provider should show solutions to migrate with minimal time.


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    Hyperledger Fabric Real Interview Questions Read Today

    I am practicing Hyperledger. This is one of the top listed blockchains. This architecture follows R3 Corda specifications. Sharing the interview questions with you that I have prepared for my interview.

    Though Ethereum leads in the real-time applications. The latest Hyperledger version is now ready for production applications. It has now become stable for production applications.
    The Hyperledger now backed by IBM. But, it is still an open source. These interview questions help you to read quickly. The below set of interview questions help you like a tutorial on Hyperledger fabric. Hyperledger Fabric Interview Questions1). What are Nodes?
    In Hyperledger the communication entities are called Nodes.

    2). What are the three different types of Nodes?
    - Client Node
    - Peer Node
    - Order Node
    The Client node initiates transactions. The peer node commits the transaction. The order node guarantees the delivery.

    3). What is Channel?
    A channel in Hyperledger is the subnet of the main blockchain. You c…