09 October 2015

How Internet of things concept evolved and benefits

IOT Jobs and Career
(Internet of things jobs,Skills)
These five reasons why the concept of internet of things evolved:
  1. More mobile phones than fixed
  2. New architecture models (ex: Cloud computing)
  3. New protocol (Ipv6)
  4. Everything is Sensor-laden
  5. More machines than people
The other important concept is internet will be double in size every 5.32 years.
More devices can be connected to internet through IP.

The internet limitation in IPv4 is 4 billion addresses. But, the internet limitation for IPv6 is 2^128. The total IP traffic over internet is 1 Zetta Byte as of 2011.

The next big opportunity is Wisdom from Data:
Data ==> Information ==>Knowledge ==> Wisdom

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